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Hi, thanks for stopping by! Below is a short audio reel showcasing the quality of sound design I'm able to supply to you, as well as a released title for PS4 I've worked on and some other reels.

Audio Showreel 2018

Short audio showreel for the Battlefield 1 trailer, an Overwatch Cinematic short and the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm trailer. All audio is original.


Wwise Portfolio

Here is a short highlight video of my Wwise and UE4 integration video. Integration involved completely original sound design, and audio integration using C++, Blueprint and Unreal Engine 4, with the use of middleware.

Kabounce (PS4 + Steam)

A fun high-octane gaming experience of pinball, where you control the ball. For this project, I was the lead sound designer and composer (all audio in trailer was sound designed by me), working with Stitch Heads Entertainment to create an enjoyable and addictive experience for PS4 and PC.

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Alex Hynes Audio

The Rest of my portfolio can be found: here

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